Hello! I’m Sarah.

WordPress Website Lover | Holistic Therapist | Business Owner

Sharing Simple Online Solutions with other ladies running their own business who aren’t good friends with technology

I create WordPress Websites using the Divi theme (which I absolutely love!) that will allow your business to grow. If you want to book appointments we can add in a diary system, if you want to sell your products and/or services we can add in an online shop.  If you want to educate your ideal customers we can add in a blog.  And then I teach you how to use them so you are in control (if you want to be, completely understand if you don’t and I can handle that side for you).  I’ve been in the situation where you have a website but are unable to change anything without going back to the designer and paying again and again and its not nice, so I’m going to give you the option to learn – in simple steps – how to grow your website as you grow your business.

Let me introduce myself to you… I’m a Welsh lady from Swansea, red wine drinker, dog lover and a cheese board fan!  I have been in business for myself for over 20 years (I know I don’t look old enough – ahem!) in many different fields! I’ve designed and created Birthday and Wedding Cakes, Greetings Cards and Wedding Stationary.  I’ve built Websites, Email Lists and Databases. I’ve coached Business Owners to grow their businesses.  I’m a qualified Holistic Therapist and for the last 15 years I have helped thousands of clients with their physical, emotional pain and mindset.  I love a bit of Law of Attraction and woo-woo stuff. I’m a bit of a IT geek , trained in Computer Studies and technology is my friend.  So this website is about joining together this weird and wonderful mix of skills and knowledge I have picked up along the way and sharing it with other lady business owners just like you, so I can help you grow yourself and your business in a way that works for you! As the saying goes, why reinvent the wheel!

Having been in business for a while now, I’ve had absolutely loads of learning curves (they are never mistakes as long as you learn from them!) I’ve had no clients and no money, had loads of the wrong clients and shed loads of stress, I’ve been a one-woman-business and I’ve employed staff, I’ve had many mentors (some good, some bad, some who just didn’t cut it) I’ve worked hard but not smart, I’ve worked on my clients and on myself. I’ve been on more courses than you can shake a stick at and basically learnt the hard way!

So this blog is all about me giving back.  Filling in the blanks when you and your business are not just not quite there but you don’t know what to do. I would like to share my learning curves with you so that maybe you can avoid some of the stress, work and lots of money spent, that I’ve gone through.

I wish I had someone who had walked a similar path when I was growing my business whilst juggling family and life, to turn to for support, guidance, motivation, encouragement and when needed the occasional kick up the bum, because it would have made life so much easier but I guess that wasn’t the path I was meant to take. It does however, mean that I can be here for you!

Guiding you through the trials and tribulations of creating an online presence, designing for you a wonderful website, helping you to leave go of the beliefs that no longer work for you, so you can move forward with a spring in your step, a sparkle in your eye and a healthy, successful business that works for you and your customers!

A mix of practical tips and techniques and a sprinkle of woo-woo to get you moving!

I look forward to getting to know you

Hugs Sarah x